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Language is Music and Communication

Music CDs with quality and sustainability

for parents,  babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

D.-Mercedes Wendler, Music, Composition, Lyriks, Illustrations

Graduate of the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler, Berlin.

Majors:  flute and saxophone. She has been working in Berlin, Germany.

She played among others at the Theater des Westens - "Cabaret"

and at the Millenium - Hotel Adlon Berlin with Mercedes and the Kit-Kat Klub

and with well-known artists of different musical directions and 

shades and has published 5 CDs.




“…especially regarding content, i.e. her children’s productions, 

are designed in an affectionate manner, literally adorable“  

translation of Prof. Alfons Wonneberg 2008 /Academy of Music Hanns Eisler

… But then I got into your children’s music … You have the indescribable 

kind of magical talent, which stirs up sentiment in adults…

With other words:

After the message carried by BÄREN-MELODIE nothing remains 

the same as before. Zillions of thanks“ 

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, holder oft he German Prize of 



Recensions of Pediatricians, Speach Therapists and Alternative Practioners

Music for relaxation and recreation

“the smooth melodies to the rhythm of calm breathing and the soft, 

high singing voice, in  the pitch of  children’s voices radiates a feeling 

of security and acceptance.” 

Translation of Dr.Gisela Kühn, pediatrician, Berlin


“From the psychotherapist’s perspective especially the calming and 

accessible children’s songs are suited to relax children brought up 

in turbulent and stressful day to day situations or even ADD, and to  re-focus”.  

Translation of Karsten Dorn, alternative practitioner for Psychotherapy, Burgdorf/Otze

Additional recensions: Gesundheit


My Songs

are not trendy, but knitted with qualiiy and sustainability, 

just like the sweaters and hats my mom knit.

Each stitch is carried out with clarity and defintion, 

just like the next, but the motives are as dizzy as those of my dad.

The yarn is of the finest quality to last for ages :+) 

and ...there`s no accounting for taste.

Sleep Well, my Darling - Schlaf schön, mein Schatz   

It is in my interest to compose quality music which sustains, 

and to combine classical elements with modern musical 

approaches, no matter, which is the project.


“Sleep well, my darling”

Is a clearly defined CD designed for relaxation and recreation.  


The years 2006/07 made me return to LIZARD STUDIO, 

accompanied by tomcat Linus who relaxed even 

in the worst weather patiently under his ‘wellness lamp’ and 

listened to my music.

Creating “Sleep well, my darling” needed time, alertness and 

considerateness. This was only possible with the faith of my 

parents in me and their support.



Sing the Bear  Melody for me - Sing mir die Bärenmelodie 

The years 2006/07 made me return to LIZARD STUDIO, 

accompanied by tomcat Linus who relaxed even in the 

worst weather patiently under his ‘wellness lamp’ and 

listened to my music.

The new CD for children was composed to gear to parents, 

babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with the goal to create  modern, 

contemporary esthetics as far as content and music are concerned.  

The CD serves exclusively for relaxation and recreation.  

This is how I began my work, in the LIZARD STUDIO …



Precisely this music, these songs influenced me to compose 

children’s songs. They are children’s songs for adults  -

so the comments of colleagues…

Simple songs that grab you and make you have fun.

“You don’t feel like ironing?  Simply listen to the CD while 

ironing and you start having fun with the lt.“

In 2005/06, after intensive 13 years of work with my Band 

‘Mercedes and the Kit-Kat-Klub’ I decided to record our 

nicest Pop songs.Recording took a long time and were done 

with all Band members life in the TRAUMTON STUDIO, 

some vocals were done in the OCTOSOUND STUDIO.  

Other vocals. special sounds and fine tunings were whipped up 

in painstaking attention to detail in the LIZARD STUDIO.


Good Morning, Good Night - Guten Morgen, gute Nacht

In the spring of 2004 the publisher Beltz and Gelberg 

asked me to create a musicalversion of the children`s 

poems of the author Mirjam Pressler.

For inspiration i often relaxed the Volkspark Friedrichshain, 

lay there in the meadow, dreamt and thought: all you can hear 

now will be joint with the small classical musical interludes, 

which will flow into the production.

The Pearl which Radiates in the Night - Die Perle, die bei Nacht strahlt    

The years 2004/2005 took me back to my own childhood.  

Every year during summer vacation my parents took me 

on day long car trips to the sunny South.  To make the time 

pass faster, we listened to radio plays for children, complex 

productions with many different narrators and sweet music, 

for example ‘The Wild Swans’ or ‘Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella’.

These productions left a lasting impression leading to my desire 

to create a traditional fairy tale sending an 

- in my mind- important message.

In this fairy tale the old dragon king tests two brothers:  

he wants to know, if they have a heart for the needy…


CD`s - D.-Mercedes Wendler

Sleep Well, My Darling - Schlaf schön, mein Schatz

01 Tomorrow is Going to Be a New Day - Morgen ist ein Neuer Tag

02 Sing the Bear Melody for me - Sing mir die Bärenmelodie

03 The Circus Director  - Der Zirkusdirektor

04 I love you - Ich hab Dich lieb

05 Little Babuschka - Kleine Babuschka

06 Rosa - Rosa

07 Nap Time - Mittagsschlaf

08 Little Bell, Chime Softly  - Glöckchen tön leis`

09 The Goldfish - Der Goldfisch

10 Belugas Dream - Belugas Traum

11 Dream of the little...Träum von dem kleinen...

12 Morli, the Magician - Morli die Zauberin

13 The Lost Sheep - Das verlorene Schaf

14 Tomcat Linus - Kater Linus

15 Good Evening, Good Night - Guten Abend , Gute Nacht

16 Dear Snowflake - Liebes Schneeflöckchen


Sing the Bear Melody for me - Sing mir die Bärenmelodie

01 Sing the Bear Melody for Me - Sing mir die Bärenmelodie

02 I love you - Ich hab Dich lieb

03 Belugas Dream - Belugas Traum



01 Oh Seniorina

02 Body Love / Red Rocket

03 Alea

04 Taxi Driver

05 Samba Ole Samba

06 Wonderful

07 Alea Jacta Est

08 Crocodile

09 Sabrina

10 Raindrop Man

11 Diamonds, Gold, Silver

12 Mambo Flea

13 I don’t know


Good Morning, Good Night

01 The Day the Rabbits

05 The Day the Pigs

09 The Day the Cats

15 The Day the Dogs

18 The Day the Bear

21 The Day the Sheep


The Pearl which Radiates in the Night - Die Perle, die bei Nacht strahlt

01 The Dragon`s Palace -  Der Drachenpalast

02 A Dream Comes True - Der Truam wird wahr

03 The Golden Pumpkin - Der goldene Kürbis

04 In the Treasure Chamber - In der Schatzkammer

05 Hans, the Fisherman - Der Fischerhans

06 The Palace above the Clouds - Der Palast über den Wolken

07 Outro - Outro

08 Ah - Örls Song for Hiking - Ah-Örls Wanderlied

09 Sailor`s Song - das Seemannslied

10 The Pearl which Radiates in the Night - Die Perle, die bei Nacht strahlt

11 I don`t know -  I don`t know



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